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Liver Support Complex
Turmeric Rhizome Extract
  1. Main bioactive is curcumin and curcminoids
  2. One of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents (systemic, tested against osteoarthritis, oral inflammation, Diabetes, Ulcerative Colitis)
  3. Reduce liver enzyme levels, protection of liver damage noted clinically
Amla Extract
  1. Clinically validated benefits on cholesterol, blood triglyceride levels, liver health (specifically against certain pharmaceuticals and toxins)
  2. Rich bioactive of gallic acids, tannins, phytosterols, and vitamins providing an array of benefits
  1. Organic grade with 60% protein, high in B complex vitamins, Vitamin E, carotenoids, iron, manganese, zinc and essential fatty acids such as Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
  2. Increases plasma reduced glutathione levels post supplementation
Relief Complex
  1. Naturally found in Hovenia dulcis (Japanese Raisin tree)
  2. Impact ethanol breakdown and blood alcohol content (attenuate ADH and ALDH enzyme activity)
  3. Reduce inflammation and allergic response
  4. Protect glucose homeostasis, reducing effects of high caloric intake during drinking and heavy meals
  5. Combined with PROLIV’s Non-GMO Apple Fiber, which is gel-forming, to deliver a sustained amount of nutrients12 to result in a prolonged protective effect of PROLIV during a night out of drinking and eating.
Ginger Root Extract
  1. Concentrated extract of a wonder spice
  2. Delivers 65% total gingerols content, working to relieve your náusea
  3. Speed up gastric motility15, which relieves gas buildup and pressure in your digestive system
Prickly Pear Extract
  1. Studied specifically for its reduction of hangover symptoms – reduced nausea, dry mouth, and anorexia
  2. Risk of severe hangover and inflammatory response reduced by half
  1. Arguably most powerful anti-inflammatory supplement ingredient (matching those of certain pharmaceuticals)
  2. Naturally found in pineapples
  3. Mediate immune cells response to inflammatory signal, creating a state of anti-inflammation, critical to preventing the source of many hangover symptoms
  4. As with all MAVERICK NUTRITION selected ingredients, dual purpose to increase bioavailability of nutrients and enhance PROLIV’s liver and symptom relief ingredients.
Energy & Hydration Matrix
CocOganic™ Coconut Water Extract
  1. Certified -organic, freeze-dried coconut water extract sustainably sourced from the Philippines
  2. Naturally isotonic; contains similar profile of salts and sugars as in your body.
  3. Rich in electrolytes and trace minerals, helps maintain hydration status and pH balance
Vitamin B1
  1. Essential vitamin involved in glucose production
  2. During instances of high blood glucose (individuals with alcoholism or high carbohydrate intake), especially important to maintain proper energy maintenance and absorption of nutrientes
Vitamin B2
  1. Essential vitamin (required for proper Vitamin B6 utilization in your body)
  2. Major deficiency in individuals with alcoholism or high chronic intake of alcohol
  3. A 25mg dose found to be an effective treatment for migraine frequencies
Vitamin B6
  1. A coenzyme in more than 100 enzyme reactions in the metabolism of amino acids, glucose and lipids
  2. Found to be deficient in individuals with alcoholism or high chronic intake of alcohol
DSM Quali®-D Vitamin D3
  1. Higher doses of Vitamin D3 improve insulin sensitivity,
  2. Found to be deficient in individuals with alcoholism or high chronic intake of alcohol
  3. NPN: 80096734 UPC: 852791001021 (single pack) 852791001038 (10 pack)