Making it easy to party smarter, one pill at a time.

Founded in 2020 by a small team of best friends and working professionals, we’ve set out on a journey to positively change the way people think about liver supplements and alcohol-related health.

Proliv is our first nutritional supplement that aims to help consumers build better practices for when they go out, putting quality and balance at the forefront.

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As of 2024, we're placing a greater focus on retail expansion throughout Canada, starting with Vancouver, BC. Below are the list of stores that carry our product. All products are subject to availability.

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Healthy habits start today.

Let’s face it - taking a vitamin before a night out isn’t exactly the hottest trend. Yet. But we believe that alcohol preparedness has a home in your routine, similar to stretching before a run to prevent injury, or moisturizing after a shower to improve skincare.

To get there, we’re committed to providing the scientific education, seamless convenience in our packaging and the most balanced set of nutrients ever seen in a liver supplement.

It’s not a miracle pill and that's okay. Drink responsibly.

This is a bit contrarian of us to say, but we think the hangover pill industry gets a bad rap because of the bold claims and expectations companies have created in the past.

Proliv was designed to be a supplement for the health conscious, responsible adult. While there are researched and anecdotal benefits in our ingredients, we do not promote or encourage binge drinking as a result of it. 

Never be unprepared again.

With the many small commitments we have to ourselves on a daily basis, it's easy to forget another when we going out after a long week is top of mind. 

Most liver supplements tend to come in inconvenient plastic bottles, by the single or dozens. And if they’re difficult to carry, they’ll also be difficult to remember. But we know you’ll always remember your pockets. So we’ve designed Proliv to be convenient for that reason.

We’re Canadian. We’re nice. We’re transparent.

Founded by Canadians, for Canadians. Proliv is made and manufactured in Richmond, British Columbia with no proprietary blends. We provide the highest transparency to our customers, listing out each ingredient in Proliv, supported by certification and approvals from one of the best countries in health and pharmaceutical standards.

We’re GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified. 

We’re approved by Health Canada.

We’re vegan-friendly, caffeine free and do not use any GMOs.

Invest in your well-being and your itinerary.

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. But we don’t think you’ll need that many to remember to take Proliv before you go out. At less than $5 a dose, you can start being smarter about your drinking habits with a science-backed product today.

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